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Sarah’s passion for healthy food developed from her upbringing and dietary necessity. Born and raised in Bruges, Belgium, she took an interest in food from a young age. By twelve, she was already cooking family meals to help her father after long days in the fields of the family flower business.


While Sarah developed a love for food as a child, as a young adult she learned that eating would be one of her biggest challenges. A sufferer of irritable bowel syndrome, she suffered acute pain after eating fatty or processed foods. Over time, Sarah learned that the best remedy for her chronic digestive issues were natural ingredients and less sugar, salt, and fat.

While the necessity for a clean and simple diet was first a limitation, Sarah soon learned that meals could be as delicious as ever.

She took this same approach to snacks, so fruit and vegetables were a logical choice for her kids. One day, she brought an afternoon snack to life by making it into simple figures. When she saw it gave her boys a big smile, Sarah decided to start sharing her creations to encourage healthy eating and fun with food. Edible Food Art for Kids was born!

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